Nissan Performance Parts

nissan performance partsToday, you will find that the auto industry has many cars that can be tuned up with customized decals, body kits and engine modifications. The new famous car today to turn into a tuner is the Nissan.

Nissan has some of the fastest and most performing tuner cars today. The Z350 is a very remarkable car that could be turned into a tuner/ muscle car. You will find that they come in six cylinders and eight.

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Nissan performance parts can be found all over the net without going to your local car part dealer. Before you go to purchase online, you need to find the best custom store that carries what you need.

That what we're here for - to help you select the best price on your car parts! Here are some parts our Nissan perfomance part dealers can help you with:

The Cold Air intake

First of all, you will find that the cold air intake adds a lot of Horsepower to the engine and supplies the engine with cold air. The Cold air acts as a remarkable boost to the compression of the engine. You will see a big difference in performance and it helps the engine last longer.

New muffler kit

Muffler kits make a huge difference to Nissans performance. The better compression and better sound gives the car more performance. How else do you get to hear that engine purr?

Computer racing chip

Did you know that your computer chip inside the car can be optimized to full performance? Yes, a computer chip is even in a cars mainframe. You will find that installing a racing chip can help make the engine run better and higher performance. The chip can tell the car how much gas to use and how much to slack off to help decreasing of speed.

Transmission upgrade

If you own a standard, which most tuners half to be. You will need to upgrade to higher performance gears. You can buy fast shifting gears with changing the transmission into a sports package or racing.

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